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AUSTRAROMA is a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of rare Australian essential oils and natural skin care. Our goal is to create traditionally natural, preservative and artificial additive free skin care.

Recently we expanded business and started advertising  sustainable living  concept. We are located in modern eco house in the heart of Blue Mountains, Sydney Region, Australia. We now offer an eco house tour with an option of overnight stay in Blue Mountains. During the stay our guests are given the options to experience the comfort of eco home and discuss different aspect of sustainable living:

  • how to design your eco home / see our eco home listing/,
  • explore our horticultural garden and learn the basic ideas of horticulture,
  • learn how to make your own natural skin care from food grade ingredients,
  • Explore the best traditions of natural preservation in regards to the food and skin care,
  • basic principles and health benefits of the fermented food. Traditions of the food fermentation in different cultures. We collected and happy to share valuable recipes, for example Russian and Lithuanian ways to make your sauerkraut, traditional recipe of pickled cucumbers, Korean kimchi, Indian traditions of rice fermentation, etc.
  • learn the basic principles of environmental health and sustainable living.

As our speciality is preservative free skin care I would like to explain more about cosmetics you can purchase from this website. All product range is designed by scientists with medical and cosmetic chemistry degrees. We collect valuable, traditional recipes and ancient formulas that have been used by our ancestors for centuries. We have also developed new cosmetic recipes and unique blends of essential oils based on scientific and traditional evidence.

Simplicity, using finest quality fresh unprocessed ingredients and natural preservation is our key strategy to design hypoallergenic skin care that feels great on the skin.

The less ingredients means the less chance of allergy. Most of our skin care is based on Australian macadamia oil. This oil is well known for its unique compatibility with the skin, non allergenic nature and long shelf life. Australian macadamia oil is naturally rich with vitamin E. This vitamin works as natural preservative in the skin care and at the same time this is well known anti ageing vitamin with greatest antioxidant properties. Our product range is preserved with natural preservatives like essential oils, beeswax, propolis, ocean salt, clays, naturally occurring vit E, etc.

All our products are water free. Removing water from formulations is very effective preservation technique. Also without water customers receive greater value long lasting products because they only paying for active ingredients and receive high concentrated products. Customers can always add water when applying creams on the skin to make the cream as light as they need.

Traditional technologies are expensive because they involve a labour-intensive process that takes up to twelve weeks to produce (cure) a hard bar of clay mask, exfoliating bar or skin cleanser without preservatives. However our customers feel the difference straight away. We feel proud of receiving the best feedback and returning customers. Such skin care feels great on the skin, improves the skin and contributes to overall body health. The effect from natural ingredients is always slower than from synthetic chemicals, but gradually consistent and stable. Macadamia product range is also the best choice for your babies!

Overall Austraroma skin care is a great way to treat yourself and improve your overall skin and body health. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.