Our eco home was built with the environment in mind and using as much natural properties to keep our home modern, yet efficient. The foundation and infrastructure of our home is Cypress Wood, which has the natural property of termite resistant.

Our eco home is insulated and surrounded by Timbercrete Bricks. During 40 degree Celsius our home is kept cool without aircon.

To prevent mold from forming and growing through the years, our internal wall is made with Venetian Plaster. We mixed colors and shades to have a beautiful marble inspired wall.

Finally, the best part, our Permaculture Garden. We grow seasonal organic fruits and vegetables; from potatoes to tomatoes, raspberries to strawberries. It’s great to just head to our garden and pick freshly what we need.

Timbercrete’s thermal insulation properties out-performmany masonry products by up to 6 times. 

It’s made from timber waste products and actually traps the carbon that would otherwise end up as greenhouse gas.

What is a home without a kitchen. The heart of our home is our kitchen. We have window placement above the kitchen to daily get natural light to conserve electricity.

Cypress wood very durable and natural. In addition termite resistance.

Besides the fun colors and marble effect, Venetian plaster is mold resistance and with a bees wax coating also water resistance. With Venetian plaster you can’t be assure you will have to repaint.

The placement of our home was built so that we get this Backyard Sunset everyday. You can guarantee every sunset is different, and what a way to end a day then watching the sunset from our yard.

Our Permaculture is 100% organic and grows must vegetables and fruits seasonally. We allow our garden to live off of each other and grow naturally. 

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