Eco Home and Sustainable living

Get exclusive access to our beautiful eco home and learn how it was built. We’ll discuss the various raw material we used and why, as well as how we constructed each element of the home from using Timbercrete bricks for the natural use of thermal insulation to the sustainable wooden frame of the house to protect from termites. In addition, we will take you through  the outside grounds and see our very own permaculture garden. We organically grow potatoes, mint, dill and many other herbs and vegetation. You will learn some skills to bring home and grow your own mini organic garden. (see more…).

You will also make your own farm to table meal using vegetables from our garden for lunch. Taste the difference first hand!


Learn the process of fermentation make your very own kimchi, pickles and sauerkraut. Pick the vegetables starting from the garden and start the fermentation process on site to bring home. (see more…) 

Hiking Treks

Being in the heart of the Blue Mountains region of Sydney, Australia, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by many bush walks and trails. Check out the breathtaking view of the famous Three Sisters mountain and swim in the Leura Cascades. Their is a trail for all levels, from hiking and viewing several vantage points of the Blue Mountains to chasing and swimming in waterfalls and natural spring. We know all the vantage points and  instagram’s worthy images. (see more…)

Essential Oil & Natural Skin and Bodycare Experience

Our eco home has unique service and knowledge of essential oils and making 100% natural ingredient skin cream and body scrubs. This experience has you mixing your favorite smell and ingredients to make your perfect cream.

Australia is known for it’s many pure essential oil and rare plants. In addition, learn how essential oil and our skim cream/body scrub could be use in your day to day life, from your laundry to natural skin care use. (see more…)


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