Top Lookouts

Our economy is perfectly located in the center of the Blue Mountains. We are close to many of the top lookout location and possibly the best views of all the valleys and falls. Below are the top location that we believe is the best lookouts in our area that will guarantee you some amazing pictures and of course likes on social media.  You can be sure to see some of the best sunrises and sunsets at these lookouts.

Lincoln’s Rock

Pulpit Rock

Eroded Caves

Top Hiking Trails

In addition to the amazing lookouts we are surrounded by, we also have some more difficult trails through the Blue Mountains. These trails are low to moderately scaled. Some of our favorites trails leads you to waterfalls and cascades that you are able to take a dip in. Dipping in these natural springs are one of the most amazing experiences you’ll get with nature.

Wentworth Falls

Victoria Falls

Grand Canyon

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